• Kitesurfing in Cabarete right in front of your beach room

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    Each day, at about 12 pm (sometimes earlier and sometimes later), the Eastern Trade Winds pick up, making Cabarete the perfect place to kitesurf and windsurf.  In fact, Cabarete is known to be the ‘kitesurfing capital of the Caribbean’ due to its perfect kitesurfing conditions.  Cabarete offers it all.  There are areas of flat water for beginners just learning to kitesurf, and areas/times with higher wind and bigger waves for those at the intermediate to expert kitesurfing levels.


    The beach in front of our hostel offers you  the best conditions  to  enjoy the kitesurfing  in Cabarete.


    You can launch your kite right in front of your room




    We offer sorage at the hostel to keep your kitegear safe and there is a garden patio and fresh water  to clean your equipment




    We also offer affordable kitecourse  with professional instructors and  equipment rental


    Also  we organize downwind kitetrips from   Cabarete to Encuentro beach


    For more information on kitesurfing lesson in Cabarete, rental, etc please send us an email  to cabaretebeachhostel@gmail.com

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