• Me and my place on the beach

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    Hi  everyone!

    I am Ali and Cabarete is my new home since 20 years.


    When I first time  visit  this little cozy town on the North Shore of Dominican Republic, I decided to build a surfcamp and now it is  the  oldest surfcamp in Cabarete, which is still working very well, but after all this years, I am retired now and I wanted to start  something new. Building houses and make interior design was always something I liked, so I decided to build a new hostel in Cabarete, the place that  Cabarete  needed  since a long time. 

    Last years Cabarete became very popular, also many apartments has been build , so there are only couple hotels on the beach, but there are very expensive  and not everyone can afford it. I think my new hostel on the beach, will be a huge help in the development of  Cabarete as a travel destination, because I want to give a possibility to spend an inexpensive  vacation  on the beach and affordale accoommodation option to the   young people, students, backpacker and traveler on the low budget.

    I bought my beach place in 2005, just because I fall in love with the amazing  ocean view, for me it is unique place in Cabarete  where you fully enjoy the Caribbean, like  you can imagine  it.

    You just have to go couple steps down and you are on the beach and the nice thing about  all is you have the beach  just for yourself, nobody offers to buy stuff  or  make a massage, nobody disturb you. Look at the amazing view! I took this pictures  just couple weeks ago.




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